Past Award Winners


16,288 VEGAN BURGERS SERVED during June! 950 Votes/ Comments submitted!
BIG SHOUT OUT to Revolution Wines for hosting our Great Sacramento Vegan Burger Battle Awards event!

RECORD TURNOUT: Chefs/representatives from 15 restaurants were present at our celebration, along with about 20 diners, along with friends & family members of chefs.

Bethany Crouch was there to announce winners, and Jennifer Fearingof Fearless Advocacy. Also Jack Norris, RD representing Vegan Outreach and Linda Middlesworth of Sacramento Vegan Society & V-dog and our amazing web-master & farm animal advocate Josh Hanosh of Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary !
Thank you to Impossible Foods for sending over t-shirts, totes, stickers & buttons for our winning chefs. Sacramento News & Review - SN&R was represented~they provided 'in-kind' advertising along with Yelp !
Also thank you to Conscious Creamery for delicious gelato, and to Capitol Garage and Bella Bru for the awesome vegan chocolate cake!

OVERALL FIRST PLACE WINNER: Pho Fresh (highest rated votes/ comments, creative Asian 'house-mushroom' fusion, top sides incl. fried bean sprouts, basil popcorn tofu, and coconut tofu puffs, great hospitality, etc.)

First Place Overall - 'Burgers:'
VEG - created 4 Impossible Burger varieties, had a 'top 3' side 'The Works' (aka nacho-stye loaded potato fries), great hospitality & promotion, over 1000 Vegan Impossible burgers served, 1450 total vegan burgers served (includes house falafel patty) =45% of total sales for June.

Portobello Category:
1st place (3-way tie): Pho Fresh (Big Eastern/ Asian Twist Sliders/ BBQ Pulled Mushroom Sliders), Vegan Van 916 (Pineapple Express) and Crocker Cafe by Supper Club

Impossible Category: 
1st place (tie): Revolution Wines & VEG 
2nd place (tie): KasbahBuck & Sadie'sMatteo's Pizza & Bistro
Good Day Sacramento Favorite Burger award: Broderick Roadhouse (Impossible Burger: 'Big Sac')
Studio40 Live Favorite Burger awards: Federalist Public House & Beer Garden (Impossible Burger: Western Freedom Burger) and VEG (4 varieties of Impossible Burger)
Over 2000 Impossibles served/ Most iconic: Broderick RoadhouseBroderick RoadhouseBroderick Roadhouse
Most Impossibles served by one restaurant: VEG (over 1000 Impossible Burgers served!)

House-Made Category: 
1st place: El Papagayo Restaurant 
2nd place (3-way tie): Santana Diaz (Pavilion Cafe-UCD Med Center), Backbone Cafe & Zest Kitchen Mahalo Burger

MOST VEGAN (House) BURGERS SOLD by one restaurant during June: Zest Kitchen 1717!!!!

MOST VEGAN BURGERS SOLD IN ONE HOUR: The Foodie FelineCaitlin Contreras: 100 Chickpea Sliders for Meatless Monday at Old Ironsides

Beyond Category: 
1st place: Evan's Kitchen And Catering Bangkok Beyond Belief Burger
2nd place: de Vere's Irish Pub & The Foodie Feline Caitlin Contreras Chipotle Tostada Burger 
3rd place: Brick Yard Kitchen & Bar Asian-Korean inspired Kim Chi Burger


Oil-Free Category: 
Zest KitchenVegan Van 916 & Leoncio Heredia (Chef Boyarleezy)
MOST ENTHUSIASTIC DINER AWARD: Hazel Bergtholdt 36 Burgers, Most Photographs/ collages & Social Media comments, Most Omnis invited to try Vegan Battle Burgers (19!).

Each and every one of you stepped up with delicious vegan burgers, and we have certificates for you celebrating your participation and diner's favorites of your vegan burgers & sides! 16,288!!!!!!!